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Online Casino Red Dog

Online Casino Red DogOnline Casino Red Dog is becoming more popular by the day as thousands of people all across the world discover this exciting and unique game. Red Dog Poker is one of the few games that originated from America and it has been around since the early 19th century. The game was originally called In-Between and after disappearing for a while it came back as Red Dog, the game that we play at Online Casinos today. Unlike its name, Red Dog Poker is not at all like normal table Poker in terms of card values and hand rankings and a winning hand is determined in a very different way.

Online Red Dog is a game that is played with only the player and not against the bank or other players. in Red Dog Poker cards numbered 1 though to 10 keep their value, Jack is counted as 11, Queen is counted as 12, King is counted as 13 and an Ace is counted as 1. When the game starts the player is dealt the first two cards of the hand face up on the Red Dog Table. Depending on the total hand value of these first cards, the player then receives a third card. The fundamental aim is to receive a third card that is in between the first two cards that were dealt in value.

There are many other rules to the game however but they are not very complicated. To play Online Red Dog the players must understand all of these rules though. For instance, if the first two cards follow on each other in value e.g. 10 and Jack (11), the hand is automatically deemed invalid and the players’ bet is returned. If they are not, a third card is dealt. There are many other rules that depend on what your first two cards are and a great way to learn them all is to find an Online Casino where you can play the game for free. It is what internet casino gambling is all about. Once you learn the rules get the hang of it is really fun to play Online Casino Red Dog!